" The art of creativity ", is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. We create the visual identity for your business; we break all the rules and boundaries and take the creative part to the next level. We are one of a kind. We provide a wide range of unique services under one roof. Because in this noisy world, the only idea that cut through are the ones that capture people’s imaginations at the right place. Its why the brand, channel land digital thinking are inseparable. So, whatever we create for your business, call it ideas, advertising, content, entertainment or technology, we will approach it with a unique combination of strategic, creative and channel thinking.

Our Range Of Services

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3D Rendering & Visualization


Graphic Design

VFX / Video Editing

Corporate Event Designs

Social Media

Logo Design

Copy Writing

Online Advertising


Content And Creativity At Its Best

IKAR is curating exclusive digital contents out of home, Establishing a unique position to deliver content to create an entertaining and influential brand experience for national audiences. Ikar is uniquely placed to do this with a combination of :

  • The grid and the loop which, offer the impact of static creative
  • The right responsive audiences
  • The exclusive content partnerships we have established

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Happy Clients




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