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" The art of outdoor ", IKAR fills a unique position in the Out of Home advertising landscape, specializing only in digital, super-premium and iconic screen locations. We see digital marketing, in all its forms, as a companion, not a competitor. The most progressive of modern marketers is one that understands the combination of the accuracy and accountability of digital, and the impact, trust & fame building abilities delivered by the overtness of out-of-home, is a winning formula in today’s cluttered advertising market.

Area Of Service

The way we build your brand,
Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.

Billboard Advertising

Taxi Advertising

Mobile Billboards

Point of Sale Display

Transit Advertising

Lamp Post Advertising

Guerilla Advertising

Retail Advertising

Digital Billboards


Our Solution & Benefits

As a fully managed service, we make the process simple, flexible and best suited to your needs and budget offering simple and affordable digital signage advertising. Our service includes but is not limited to:
Ikar is uniquely placed to do this with a combination of :

  • Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Post-sales
  • Technical Support, Demo Programs & On-site Service
  • Content Design & Customization

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Happy Clients




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